Simple and elegant system for web-application creation

If you plan to create a long-living project, it should be based on a rock-solid solution.

Ideally it should possess different qualities: be flexible, modular, easy to learn, quick, safe and user-friendly as well as SEO-optimized.

We tried to do our best to implement all of this in Samba CMS

Why you should choose Samba CMS for your porject

Samba CMS is very quick

It is based on one of the most effective and quick php-frameworks Codeigniter. During the work of CMS only those files and classes that are needed for exact task are loaded and exploited, so forget about abundant resources needed. You can also use caching of database requests, caching of files, APC, Memcached and others.

Boasts code modularity and expandability

Samba CMS uses HMVC extension which makes it modular. You can easily install additional modules (for example: shop, photo gallery, dating service and so on) and widgets (area for popular goods of the shop or the latest and greatest from your blog) by just copying the folder and enabling needed element in the administrative part of the system. Modules are fully extendable and you can always create your own version that will inherit all the functionality of the old one, and modify anything you like.

Looks great on all devices

The visual part of the system uses the Bootstrap framework, which ensures that your website or application will be looking just great on any device: mobile phone, tablet, PC. You can easily port any Bootstrap-compatible web-template to Samba CMS with simple preferences.

Has Multi-language support

You can use as many languages on your website as you like by using language files to translate the administration elements and different language versions of content, that is modified in administrative part of the system (Just create the translation for needed content - article, menu entry, widget header etc.). You can also create different language versions of the website on different subdomains.

Is SEO-optimized

We have kept SEO in mind while developing Samba CMS: you have easy access to page indexation, meta-data, can generate AMP pages, manage Canonical and Alternate hreflang etc. You can also place any SEO-text in any place on your page and also use different widgets for internal links.

Uses unlimited number of domains and subdomains

In Samba CMS you can create a website with binding of different domains or unlimited number of subdomains and process them differently. For example, you can create different language versions on different domains or create multi-vendor shop and bind every seller to corresponding subdomain etc.

Has inheriting rights distribution

Divide your users according to access level. In Samba CMS you can create different amount of user groups with rights inheriting, allow or deny access to particular pages of the website or even to particular element of web page.